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Optimize your horse's training and behavior by giving them the edge they need. Whether you're just trying to have a nice calm ride with your horse; maybe you're competitive jumper, barrel racer, world class trainer, or you're a horse lover rehabbing a horse with a history of trauma... If our product doesn't give you a positive result we will refund your money. It's that simple.



Formulated with effective doses of pre ride nutrients your horse needs.


Eliminate stress by blocking the hormonal response to difficult situations.


Your horse will progress faster or we will refund your money.


Build top line muscle by giving your horse specific amino acids before a workout.


Is your horse difficult because their nutrition is not up to par?


Spend more time riding and less time spooking.

Take the guess work out of your horse's pre and post ride nutrition. Metahorse is formulated with a horse level effective dose of amino acids and joint support supplements to help your horse be ready to ride, recover faster, and build muscle.

How it Works!

Metahorse Equine Supplements do exactly as their name implies. Athletes supplement in the pre and post workout windows to optimize their hormonal response to physical stress. Riding a horse is a regimen of resistance training at the same time your horse is learning new things. It's like trying to lift weights and learn a language at the same time. Metahorse Equine Pre-Workout is formulated to give your horse an edge for the physical stressors and mental stability to deal with the new information. Don't waste your training session or ride by riding a horse that isn't ready. Metahorse Equine Pre-Workout gets your horse in the right frame of mind so they are a pleasure to work with. Our pre-workout is formulated to give your horse an effective dose of the pre-cursors to catecholamines such as dopamine which have been shown to block the hormonal stress response to difficult situations thereby increasing focus and increasing memory retention. This makes your horse mentally stable to ride, trailer or show. Experience your horse progressing faster.

We are committed to...

  • Pure Ingredients
    Pure Ingredients

    We don't use cheap fillers to add product weight. What you get is a blend of pure vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

  • Effective doses
    Effective doses

    We don't skimp in our formulas. We won't add 250mg of an amino acid when your horse requires 5000mg. You can be sure that you're feeding nutrient levels for a horse and not for a rabbit.

  • Equine health and longevity
    Equine health and longevity

    We hope for your long lasting relationship with your horse. We are here to deliver the supplements your horse needs.

  • Happy Horses
    Happy Horses

    Do you get hangry? Even if you're eating plenty. Optimizing our hormones with nutrition is key to overall wellbeing.

Our Customers Love Us

For my own health I take my pre and post workout nutrition as seriously as I take the workout itself. If my horse is going to train and carry me around all afternoon I won't waste her time fighting through a sugar high.


Whether its the consistency or the magnesium my spooky mare walks right into the trailer now. It seems as though maybe my new pre-ride routine has helped with my own anxiety about trailering as well as my horse's.


When we're packing up in the mountains of SW Colorado we carry only the essentials. Having such a potent lightweight supply of recovery supplements for my arabs sure comes in handy. I've noticed they are fresh and ready to go another day.


This makes too much sense. All around I like this stock.


You know when you've been opening that can of corn a certain way your whole life and then some little kid in a youtube video turns the opener sideways and opens the can way better... Thats how I feel about this pre workout topper.

A real life cowboy

The only thing I can liken this too is a toddler that has had enough sleep and enough to eat, whereas before they were whining and rubbing their eyes.


Back soreness is gone.

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