Equine Pre-Workout


COMPETITION SAFE. (always check your rules)

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  • Don't waste another training session. Get your horse in the right frame of mind and take your horse to the next level. 

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Why a pre-workout for your horse?

Pre ride nutrition is a heavily guarded secret at the highest levels. . Athletes everywhere take pre workout supplements to enhance their performance. 

Why shouldn't your horse? 

Metahorse pre-workout will get your horse in the right state of mind to train or compete without sedation or stimulative effects. The ingredients in our formulation have been shown to BUILD TOP LINE MUSCLE and INCREASE YOUR HORSE'S ABILITY TO DEAL WITH STRESS no matter what your discipline is.

  • Train a happy horse

  • Race an alert horse

  • Endurance ride a horse that can go the distance


 60 day horse progress guarantee or your money back.

We are confident that if you feed the METAHORSE Equine Pre-Workout before you ride YOU WILL SEE PROGRESS. We guarantee improvement when added to your routine or we will refund your money.

Maybe you or somebody you know takes a pre and post workout supplement. When you train your horse its like taking them to the gym and having them learn to read at the same time. Metahorse pre-workout enables your horse to work harder with more focus and less stress leading to a more productive training session. You spend a lot of money on training your horse... 

Don't waste it.

What you get is pure ingredients. We don't add cheap ingredients. Metahorse doesn't contain any sugars or fillers.  At METAHORSE WE WILL NEVER SKIMP ON DOSAGE OR QUALITY.

With the help of equine nutritionists we have researched and tested the ingredients and compounds so you don't have to. Take advantage of the pre and post ride window and take your horse to the next level. 

Our formulation is PALATABLE AND EASY TO FEED. 


COMPETITION SAFE. (always check your rules)

What our trainers say


Increase force production


Combat nutritional deficiencies


Recover faster


 Eliminate stress


Promote memory retention


Increase Focus


L-Tyrosine, L-lysine, Magnesium AA Chelate 20%, L-Arginine, Betaine Anhydrous, Vitamin B1/Thiamine mononitrate, Ashwagandha 5% (extract), Rhodiola Rosea 3% Rosavins, DiSodium Phosphate Anyhydrous, Pirosil, Wild Resolver


Mix 1 whole 23g scoop into your favorite morning hydrated mash the day you plan on training, riding, or stressing your horse out.


Feed before you ride. Timing depends on best practices for your discipline.

*Metahorse products are not meant to replace professional veterinary advice. Equine Pre-Workout is intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding only.

At Metahorse we breed sport horses. After buying raw ingredients in bulk and working with equine nutritionists for our broodmares and foals we became immersed in equine nutrition. We think every horse owner eventually becomes immersed in their horse's nutrition. Thoughts like '"did I replenish the glutamine my horse just sweated out?" or "if I supplemented more of something could my horse make their run faster?"

  • Our Customers Love Us

For my own health I take my pre and post workout nutrition as seriously as I take the workout itself. If my horse is going to train and carry me around all afternoon I won't waste her time fighting through a sugar high.


When we're packing up in the mountains of SW Colorado we carry only the essentials. Having such a potent lightweight supply of recovery supplements for my arabs sure comes in handy. I've noticed they are fresh and ready to go another day. 


Whether its the consistency or the magnesium my spooky mare walks right into the trailer now. It seems as though maybe my new pre-ride routine has helped with my own anxiety about trailering as well as my horse's. 


  • Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you make this in your house?

No Metahorse products are made in a fda and GMP certified facility. We don't mix this up in our garage

Q: FEI safe?

Yes! All of the ingredients we use are not on the FEI "banned list." Always, you should double check your regulations as all events are different.

Q: When should I feed this?

Feed before you ride. All disciplines are different. We feed on top of a beet pulp mash as close to riding as possible along with forage so the horse has a stomach buffer to prevent acid backsplash; however some disciplines want to run a fasted horse. So use according to the best practices of your discipline. Feeding times are a debated topic.

Q: When will I see results?

1. Feed Metahorse Equine Pre-Workout. 

2. Spend time with your horse. 

3. Train your horse. 

4. Feed your horse right. 

5. See results. Its that easy.

Q: How long will the jug last?

There are approximately 30, 21 gram, servings. Supplement on the days that you ride before you ride. If you ride twice a week this should last almost 4 months. If you are more active than this and want recurring or bulk discounts please do get in contact with us.

Q: Why beet pulp?

We like beet pulp because it is a natural pre biotic and not highly insulinogenic like most sweet feeds. We hydrate the beet pulp so its easy to mix powdered supplements into the the mash. There are other stomach buffers and base mashes but we like beet pulp.